Vivek Solanki

Senior Data Scientist

Vivek joined the Correlation Ventures analytics team in 2017 as a Data Scientist. Vivek has a strong academic and working background in the areas of machine learning and information retrieval.

Prior to joining Correlation Ventures, Vivek held the position of Data Scientist for Groupon India.  The Bangalore-based development center supported Groupon’s e-commerce U.S. marketplace. Vivek developed solutions in areas touching upon pricing optimization, inventory management, marketing, and SEO. He is listed on a patent for a recommendation system that combines text analytics and market-basket analysis.

Vivek received a Masters of Technology in Computer Science from IIIT Hyderabad (India). During his Master’s, Vivek developed a keen interest in machine learning and data sciences.
In his leisure time, Vivek likes going on long drives, engaging in adrenaline-inducing activities, and petting dogs.

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